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Originally Posted by dawn infinity
Hey pastthemirror, i know what you mean I've experienced things iknow happened i even have questioned my sanity , I've told my two sons hoping they didn't think what are u smoking mom,but they didn't at least they didn't ask me if i was doing drugs when these experiences happened ... u just hav to move on from my experiences i just tell myself i know I'm not crazy wasn't on drugs , &i know I'm not the only one that has experience s to the parmornal. why i hav had them idont know what kind of experience s are u having or had?
iíve had More than my fair share. I have seen a ghost orb fly across a room. Incredible speed. While on holiday when I was younger, I stayed at a hotel where some real weird stuff went on. Crying heard from a room that was vacant, footsteps and shadows from empty hallways, and then around midnight, we all perceived it getting tangibly and suddenly darker. The lights outside the room didnít turn off. Neither did the streetlight outside the roomís window. We couldnít find anything to explain it. Itís like a dark cloud just passed through the room.

Thereís weirder stuff, but iím Really not ready to talk about that yet. Especially as iím Already finding useful information here. It would be a shame to be chased away from such a resource due to being thought to be either delusional or a liar.
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