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I also have questioned myself. I am careful with who I share it with for sure. Yet, even those who DO understand, and have had their own or similar experiences, I still question myself, or say it sounds nuts.

I have tried to push that part of me away, because I pick up on things I don't know how to energetically deal with.

Also, apparently during mental break downs people are said to see shadows. I deal with mental health, and although I've had stressful times in my life, I have yet to have a "mental break down" per say. I saw shadows off and on for a year in a half but I also saw other spirits, and orbs, and heard and felt things, and was told there was an open portal in the suite below mine. I had someone close it for me, and help me out with those things on here, and they pretty much all disappeared soon after.

I've had countless experiences like that, so I know I am not completely nutso. :p (where others stepped in to help me out )

I learn about things at my own speed. I'm learning self care/self love, and how to protect myself because it is important.
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