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My Higher Self

One understanding of my higher self, what some may call their "soul." My Higher Self is a collective body of energy. It is vast and ageless. It is everything that has ever been stretching back through infinity. Within it is all the knowledge, love, and power, that ever was.

Through our higher self we can experience limitless wisdom and understanding, both about what is seen and unseen in our perception. I am my higher self sustained by and intrinsic energy that is bigger and more vast than that self.

There is a oneness with this greater energy, as all things are one, although that greater energy has no concept of self. It is expanding, and seemingly experiencing evolution. It is living spirit. Massive, exhilarating, and magnanimous, yet actually beyond description.

Perhaps we might want to call it “GOD.” It is very dynamic and has a drive to become more of itself. To achieve this it divides itself into more and more parts, or definitions. This is how it grows.

This greater energy is all things. My higher self is just one more spiritual energy, and like the greater energy it wants to grow and experience more of itself. Some of the things it has been are your past lives. But even before it entered human form it had experiences.

It has experienced energy as lesser forms, as electricity, as light, as color, as sound. There is evolution in everything. Evolution in the sound of a pebble going over a cliff, evolution within a flower; there are countless dimensions of evolution. They are higher selves experiencing training, destined perhaps, one day to experience human form, or something greater.

Love is a bridge that joins things together. In my higher self, and in that greater energy, love is unconditional. It is the fabric of spirit, the essence of our higher and greater being. Human life is the journey of our higher self; I say this knowing there is no such thing as high or low, but there are greater, more expansive, states of existence.
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