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Originally Posted by MysticRose
FairyCrystal, may I ask why you wouldn't use the black salt? I have a question for you about the sage. I was smudging my old house on recommendation of the paranormal team that came to visit. It actually ticked off the spirits in that house. Because of that, I have been very hesitant to use it. I would like your thoughts on that.
Thank you, FairyCrystal for all the great in-depth information you post.
Love and Light to you....
Hi MysticRose!
It's just a personal thing. I don't feel it is strong. If I don't believe in it I doubt it'd work.

I've heard the stories about PO entities when using sage before. What I know from the exorcist who cleansed our house at the time... entities usually get very PO when you want to remove them. He warned us after we had been in touch first time over the phone and made an appointment with him, that it'd get worse now and to not freak out over that. It'd get worse because the entities knew he was gonna come and send them over and they weren't chuffed about it.
So I think it's quite normal for entities to resist. That means you have to be stronger, and very confident. I think it's also logical to assume that it means the sage does affect them, otherwise, why would they get upset by it? Clearly they cannot ignore it. So then the stronger the entity, the more you will notice they aren't happy about it.

I am strong, but not strong like that. That man had no doubt in his mind he'd fail, I've always had this issue that 'they're stronger' that I've only recently overcome. Meaning it's still a weak spot.
But I do know when I can safely use sage and when not. Like in that house I was living in... it had a serious problem, people getting sick, always conflicts and arguments, really weird chit happening there, seeing and feeling things... 11 entities and they weren't very friendly.
No way would I have used sage to get them out. We got someone in.

Maybe it's the same with what you wanted to do. Sometimes you best get an expert in, or you could've done it yourself but weren't strong or focused enough.
I have heard it before from a woman who did simpler cleansings and it didn't bother her much, she just got rid of them.

The guy who did the exorcism didn't use sage btw. He used specific incense sticks that he put everywhere in the house.

Anywho, I would not try to sort a serious entity infestation myself. But if it's 'smaller' stuff, which has been an entity in my aura and one in my new home (I took him home from elsewhere, grmble) and no problem. But then it was just the one and... I felt very strong myself.
And I do think there's different levels of entities?
But since there are no entities in my home, when I use it it's mostly for clearing stress etc.
As for salt... I just don't feel it does anything. Also cos I did use that in that 'infested' house. Didn't do Jack...
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