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Originally Posted by MysticRose
Thank you BigJohn, I am happy to be here! I have been reading in this forum for days. It is a treasure trove of information. Can you describe the difference? Your experience with using it? Thank you.
Love and Light and thanks for the welcome!

There are different Salts.

For example, Himalayan Pink Salt is a very, refreshing Salt but does virtually nothing when trying to remove entities you do not want. So this Salt is used after the entities have left which entices really nice entities to be present.

Dead Sea Salt is the traditional Salt used for trying to remove entities you do not want. If Dead Sea Salt does not get the job done, then use Black Salt. Black Salt seems to work virtually all of the time.

As for using Salts, place them at the door's threshold, around the windows, in the corners and into any place you can get to. The longer you can leave the Salts, of course, the more effective it becomes.

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