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Originally Posted by leadville
Also it appears you're a medium from what you've said above but that you are no longer serve a church circuit? Is that correct? If so, would you mind saying why you've stopped?
I use to go to three Churches on Sunday, one meeting on Wednesday and another Church service on Thursday. The Church I went to on Thursday I also attended on Sunday. At that Church I was called on to do the public talks at that Church about 3 times a month. One of the other Churches I would also give talks. At those 2 Churches, I would messages and do healings. At one of the Churches I would give classes every one in a while. Sometimes they would have a Psychic fair and I would participate.
As for being a Medium, some might say I am and some might say I am not.

Why did I quit? I live in the USA but at the time, my wife and daughter were in the transition of moving over 8500 miles to be in the USA with me. We arrived on our way back to the USA at Los Angeles airport on a Thursday. At the airport, we were stopped at immigration. I was detained for a few hours and my right knee swelled up and the skin broke. I got home and never gave it a thought about the broken skin. That Sunday I went to Church and afterwards sat across the table from the woman who played the piano and organ while we drank some coffee and ate some cake. It turned out she had just got released from the hospital for having MRSA (bacteria that eats you alive) on her lungs. It turned out the hospital did not get all of her MRSA. I got MRSA from her and it stayed with me for over 1 year. I was even told to get my affairs together because I was probably going to die. I did not die but she died from MRSA shortly after I got MRSA.

I think about going back every once in a while..... it is just a matter of time.

Now that I have talked about myself, tell me about yourself.

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