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Originally Posted by leadville
It was quite a shock to learn my friend had ended his life because he had confidently told me about his plans for the future not long before it happened.

It's impossible to know someone's true feelings, of course, but I hadn't picked up he was at a point where he would do that. Looking back, though, he had said some odd things which may have been indicators I just hadn't seen.
I am sorry to hear.... but I suspected.
I had a brother-in-law who confided with me with some of his feelings. He was disabled and could no longer work as a carpenter. He transferred the business to one of his daughter so he could apply and receive Social Security. He thought he would be in control of the business but found out the hard way he was no longer the boss. He became depressed about that but I suspect his wife's heart cutting words such as "He is going to die" took a toll on his psyche.
One day, when I was at his home, he told me "It will not be long and we will take long hikes up in the mountains" which is odd because he had a hard time walking to his truck. Then he did the oddest thing and that was he kissed me on each cheek. That Sunday, when his wife was in Church, he went into the bedroom, locked the door, and then used a Colt 45 LC. Even today that event still bothers me.

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