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Originally Posted by BigJohn
Sorry to hear the loss of your on-line friend.
I am surprised that somebody was able to tell you what happened.

As for me, I used to give talks 2-3 times a month at one of the Spiritualist Churches.
Used to be called on to do messages in two Churches. If I should show up at
either Church today, I probably would still be called upon to give messages.

I even had once a 2 part Spiritual newspaper in which each section was 24 pages in tabloid format.
I suspect I got severely burned out doing that. I did the art work,
formatting, and everything else involved with publishing that paper.

Lately, I have been very 'busy' but still keep in touch with others of like mine.

It was quite a shock to learn my friend had ended his life because he had confidently told me about his plans for the future not long before it happened.

It's impossible to know someone's true feelings, of course, but I hadn't picked up he was at a point where he would do that. Looking back, though, he had said some odd things which may have been indicators I just hadn't seen.

I am interested in the publication you worked on. Are you able to say more about it?

Also it appears you're a medium from what you've said above but that you are no longer serve a church circuit? Is that correct? If so, would you mind saying why you've stopped?
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