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Re Articles - Stories - Spiritual Matters

Hello Members

We are trying out the Article section. When Matt created it we were just going to open it when he passed. So it has sat there for a long time.

I know that his intention for it was much to the "Rules" we have here in not being a place for Self Promotions, or Site Promotions, Selling things, or the ever popular "Blog". It was to be a place where members could share a "Spiritual Story" but not a BOOK about life. To share something a bit longer in nature than the discussion part of the site. To pass on information so that at time we do not feel so alone in this big "Paranormal and Spiritual World" we walk in.

I remember talking to Matt for hours in PM Mode in the Chat Room on all the things that I have experienced but never really shared.

We will be monitoring things. We too will be letting members know if what is in that section does not fit in. We too will be monitoring the "Chatter" that can happen with one line comments. Positive and creative thoughts are always welcome.

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