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More general and less specified based on numerology predictions for 2021:

*Echoes of Harry Truman and his "fair deal" in Joe Biden.
*Minimum wage is approved and increased in the US, around autumn.
*An emphasis on expanding civil rights programs in the US.
*Also later in the summer, more US news of equality of treatment directives in the civil services.
*A famous boxer retires.
*An Englishman wins a Golden Globe.
*An award winning year for Tom Hanks.
*Jack Nicholson in the news.
*Fire in a hospital.
*Interesting fashion on Wimbledon.
*An aircraft accident in the sea in the summer?
*Hollywood reinvents itself in the autumn.
*Late summer/ early autumn: A debilitating (nerve) injury forces a retirement in the golfing world.
*Continuing talk or news of expansion for the Chinese empire/ communist rule this year.
*News of explosion or severe problems in a mine in late autumn.
*Steven Spielberg has great succes with West Side Story end of the year 2021 and beginning 2022.
*Changes in the British rail system having to do with privatisation and regional and national areas of operation.
*Late 2021 and majority 2022 signs of a split in the russian bear.
*A shift in the German economy in the summer.
*Talk about the filibuster in the US with combination of taxes near the autumn.
*Advances in camera techniques in late 2021.
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