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Of course we each may have to different measure experienced what we call the soma nectar, manifesting bliss electricity within. Earlier on, I used to attempt to correlate the imbibed is-ness with the scriptures, particularly Kashmir Shaiva or Tantra Agamas, which have elaborated on the energy path in detail. However, the activity of defining itself became an impediment as far as my journey is concerned. So, for a while now, I have rested all analysis, being paralysis and simply allow, in as much as able, for the awakening to blossom, petal by petal.

Earlier on, I felt the Bindu point as the possible source of soma, later the Sahasrara. Now, I find that the entire Sushumna is aflame, with each node, so to speak, being self contained as a miniature Hirayangarbha, if you will, self existent and in no way limited by it’s in-form geometric location.

The nectar dropping in the Anahata ... yes, with the heart centre expanding spatially sideways, fusing male and female polarities within its boundless domain.

As of now, what I can share is that a sublime fragrance arises from within, vivifying the bliss current, purring within in renewal continual.

Now, is this the same as what others feel? Maybe yes, maybe no. There is no one here bisecting. Possibly, all five senses ... inner polarities, that is, could one day manifest in a manner cognisable like a living rainbow within

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