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Originally Posted by Hologram8
I have been diagnosed schizophrenic ~ I am normal I just have some psychic and paranormal stuff going on

If you hear voices ~ Psychics call it clairaudience
doctors call it schizophrenia
I'm fine and normal ~ I just don't like being around evil people who mess with me ~ other than that I'm good
Thanks for your response, Hologram.

Yeah, I would agree with you I don't think the ability to hear voices is caused by demons or bad spirits, but I'd just say that sometimes the voices a person can hear will be from bad spirits or demons and I wish people didn't think the only way to make these bad voices and visions go away is to seek medication.

When they diagnosed me with bipolar disorder and gave me a prescription, the medication didn't help me, it actually helped the spirit trying to hurt me hurt me more... The side effects made me so weak and debilitated I could barely move or think and it had no effect on all the bad things the spirit was doing to me.
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