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~More random numerology-based predictions~

Kevin Costner will start this year on the road to a comeback, which will lead to succes in 2023 and possibly 2025.

There will be news in the case about Madeleine McCann (and parents) possibly around the summer of 2021 and also early 2025.

These next two years will see a change in US regulations/ restrictions/ (stricter) guidelines for the media and Freedom of the press. A shift starting this year and coming to effect in '22/'23.

In general, concerning the US;
The years 2022-2026 will be a smaller cycle, or period, of closure and change.

This period is -in my interpretation- in essence the end-part of a bigger cycle which had its origins in the early 20th century, specifically the cycle that started in 1914. Some events which manifested starting in 1914 will find closure in the years 2022-2026.

In this sense, a cycle of war, upheavel and destruction, which was such a defining characteristic of the 20th century, and in response with it a cycle of change, identity building and a brand of politics too, will find its closure in this period of '22-'26.

In the broadest sense you could say that a part of the 20th century comes to a close in these years 2022-2026 and the beginning of a new chapter of the 21st century will commence.

The turn of the years '22 to '23 and then '25 to '26 will be defining of the this change, to me.
The US-midterms of '22 will mark the shift of the old paradigm. In a way a definitive shift from the 20th century to the 21st.

The 20th century also saw a shift in the start of a chapter of listening to 'the people's voice' instead of kings, 'lordships', etc. It was the beginning of listening to the 'common folk' starting with democratic reforms, and slowly increasing power for women. And also for minorities.

The years '22-'26 will then mark a decidedly new chapter in this growing power and these developments.

The changes made in laws concerning the immigrant populations in 1790, 1924, 1952, 1965/68, 1990...these cycles are all tying together. And --as I interpret it-- it will mean that from 2022 to 2026 the voice of immigrants will finally come to the foreground. They will manifest politically in a powerful manner in the midterms of '22 and especially the election after. The immigrant populations will be taken more seriously, starting in these years '22--'26.

As in my previous predictions, this will possibly be cause of a change in gerrymandering. I ...assume...via the Democratic Senate as I mentioned before, starting in '21, as far as I can understand politics.

The world order in the coming years will be shifted too. The relationship with Nato and the US will change.
The policy of political idealism abroad of the US, which defined America starting with Woodrow Wilson (the 28th President) with his League of nations, will lose its drive or importance the coming years. The US will become more focused on politics and policy at home, instead of idealism and power play abroad.

This shift will also be in the years '22-'26.
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