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Posts: n/a really is the most wonderful place ever. And in real life there is nothing as beautiful as walking in nature, be it a field, a woodland, even along a grass verge on a country lane filled with wild flowers . I fly a lot. Especially as a child and in my younger years. I fly across oceans, and across the city . When I see through my third eye just before sleep I see so many lovely images. But there is one re-curring vision that I am shown and which I love. It's a country lane with trees to both sides which curve slightly into the road. The sun is just going down. There is no- one to be seen and no vehicles on the road, it's just mine. It is as though I am driving a car along the road at speed. But I cannot see the bonnet of the car or my hands on the wheel. I can only see the road and the trees rushing by. It's an amazing experience.
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