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Originally Posted by Elfin
Hi... The music is beautiful. So relaxing and calming. I have taken note of it for reference. Yes, it is an amazing gift. I Love your plum trees as the place you go to meditate. And the fact that one fell off and hit your hand to wake you is quite something..... The place I go to meditate in my mind's eye is an image of myself in glorious sunshine . I am walking across a beautiful field full of wild flowers , barefoot. I am wearing a long flowing dress and my hair is loose and carefree, and I can feel the heat of the sun on my face and shoulders .... It is a lovely place to visit as I feel my own freedom there... I can be me in most relaxed peaceful state.

You basically described the place I see almost every time when I meditate, a place with nature everywhere, wild flowers of all colors, trees having all sorts of colors, in special white and purple. In real life, I spend a lot of time in nature, I take long walks and meditate. Today I flew through a field of sunny flowers, then the sunny flowers became yellow flowers and then I found myself flying over green fields. You see, the more you meditate, the more vivid these experiences are, it starts with seeing just glimpses, then these glimpses turn into more detailed images and finally they became fully developed realities where, while still in an awake state, you can fly and see things that have incredible details, now go one step further and completely immerse yourself into these realities, this is what people call an out of body experience. The outside world totally disappears, you are completely "gone"
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