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Originally Posted by FairyCrystal
(...) You musn't forget that what is in the Bible was decided by a group of men during Roman times. They left out everything they didn't deem important or what would undermine their power over people.

I personally don't believe in fallen angels either, nor in hell or the devil. As far as I'm concerned these are all made up to manipulate people, to keep them in fear and to make sure they kept doing what the ones in power wanted them to do. People came to believe that. Not so weird as most couldn't even read or write and as such educate themselves and were reliant on others who could for guidance. Church had made sure of that.
Anyone who did know what it was truly like was killed, accused of being a witch for instance. Problem sorted.(...)

Oh yeah. I was at odd with the churst on that part for the longest time. their idea of "The treasure of the Church" and "selling" pieces of heaven so that you can "build yoru house once you die". makes me giggle every time.

However, like you, I believe that they killed anyone who held the truth or had access to important matters that could rock or shake their power like the Cathars. and It has been my discovery that even in this book (the Bible) and their precepts, there are -some- truths. I guess that the Truth is Universal and as such, you can't hide it.

I do believe in darkness. As Freddie Mercurey says: "gimme a choice". You can't choose to be good or walk in the light if there is no choice to be made. and walking in the light because there is no other way does not make you light either.

I like the way you think tho
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