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I have been sensitive to spill it since I was a kid I let myself get into it and a child like children do my great niece did she has let her self up until it like I did it the same age as having answer then
Plus this might sound silly but I did not realise I've had it to me and had sex of a ghost a few times without realising but I'm not I've been intimate with the Ghost now quite a few times but everything is getting prepared to get it was me available I'm coming soon they're getting into me the man so no but the first out imagine it I realised no I've actually got intimate the ghost of all things but I enjoy it
I'm sorry for putting it on here ear but actually happened because I went to Google it and I found out a few of Ashley intimate the ghost Avon some paper got pregnant by bust pregnant by a ghost some things is hard to believe but things actually happen for a reason
It is a spirit world getting us to everything's or Megan people like the Virgin Mary have a child like Mary did Jesus she did
Plus Jesus is related anybody evil spirit and is healing and his holy spirit is everyone's relations like Adam and Eve like they are relieved everybody because they are the first people on earth tell the ad libs affairs
And I think I'm talking rubbish but I'm not I know what I'm talking about
And I know I am not the only person that intimate and had sex with a ghost soon it will be that bad person soon because I've been told by a spirit give this man a chance yes I'm older than him but give him a chance because we could work out we will work out even though I'm out all day even though I'm older it will
So don't be a shame to tell people on here you got intimate if it ghost because it's ok it is normal
And Israel and it is real because it did happen
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