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I am feeling like I am back as me again. I had Covid 19 yet again. I am 3 times vaxed and yet again it reached out and snared me. I had a horrid time getting an inhaler filled and I thought this time maybe it was the end. Once again the medica system does not work, as most of our Dr's are still doing On Line Appointments and the Walk In Clinics are all phone call in.

This has to change a Dr needs to be just that again. Too there is a world wide shortage of them practicing. The pharmacy shelves do not even have the most basic of pain and fever meds on the shelf. As you look for anything to help you out some. To just sleep !

Over the counter so is not the answer for pain trust me in this an ulcer and 2 years to get it on the mend. Too that path of over coming long haul Covid 19 is a journey that I am now I feel finally winning.

I am working full time and the body is taking it. I have learned to say "NO" to what I can not do physically. To feel a pull in the back and stop there. To slow down and get more sleep to take that nap when I need one.

Yes part of it is maybe age as 60 is around the corner but more its that feeling of anger leaving and more that spiritual side coming back again.

I will tell you that Covid 19 plays on the personality ! It makes you bitter and miserable. Its like an attachment of a part of you that you keep locked away that comes out to play.

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