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Originally Posted by traceyacey12
So there's all this stuff out there about soulmates and soul groups and twin flames being a split of the same soul - are all these descriptions meant to be taken literally in your opinion? Also how did people gain this knowledge of souls and such?
I just finished my MSc on a topic related to this! Life Sciences and social science, are investigating the experience of "Awe" or "Wonder", as the reason we developed as we did. So when we experience "Awe", such as contemplating the universe, it makes us feel really insignificant by comparison and we develop a sense of a small self, which minimizes our perceived daily problems. Awe is also responsible when we experience a "mystical" experience that we cannot fathom.

The reason this may play a role is that awe when we experience it makes us more kind, more generous, less aggressive and more eco friendly. There is current research happening in the animal world as some primates are displaying awe towards their environment and behaving almost ritualistically, and they believe that it is this experience that causes us to develop bonds within our communities and become attached to our environments. This experience of awe is currently being theorized as the way we developed self awareness and consciousness.

From there, we may have perceived the idea of the soul. But honestly it really depends.There are so many theories, there's the monkey eat shrooms theory of stair-step consciousness development, there's the idea of silopsism, there's the spiritual ideas of consciousness as god and we are all parts of god and there's the matrix theories.
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