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FC... yes to everything you said, I completely agree. I believe we are in a transitional period and things will get better, but we have to work through this growing stage/ dark night of the soul/ awakening phrase/ whatever you want to call it.
And I know this is part of awakening... because when I went through my own personal awakening, I had to go through a lot of rough stuff. Now it seems to be happening on a massive scale in society. And at times, I get frustrated because I feel like I've already gone through this and now I have to be patient and wait for everyone else to catch up. But I can console myself because I know it's an awakening and that's ultimately a good thing.

But the burnout... yes! I feel that and I have felt burnt out for a long time, and very very tired. And the dense thing too. When I went through the most intense part of my awakening, I felt less dense, and it was amazing. And sine then, I notice how dense everything feels to me... it's like I'm walking through malaises all the time. And I don't like it. I look forward to feeling less dense.
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