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I've known about those chakras for years, have worked with them since 2009, and since never worked with only the ones on the body. Always the 12 5D chakra column, 4 not on the body, and there's an extra one on the body too when you move from 3D to 5D: the Navel activates above the Sacral.
And recently added Nr 13 to the mix, the Gaia Gateway which is below the Earth Star.

So many experiences, too many to share. Only can say it's worth working with this. I can't even imagine / remember working with only 7 as that isn't complete any longer.
During full moon time I tend to work with the Causal as that then expands -it's your personal moon. So if a moon gives me trouble I work with the Causal for sure. It's also where you connect with the angelic realm and where angels & unicorns come in to work with you.

And the Soul Star is interesting as a lot of clearing of the first chambers of that one is needed before you can get to the core of it. It's where Karma (familial & ancestral) is stored, hence the clearing, and deeper you can find all the gifts and talents you have, including from previous lives.

The colours of the 5D chakras are different too, not the same as from the 3D one and what you read in books and online. Like the Root is platinum when fully 5D, no longer red.

If you wish to experience them... Diana Cooper has a ton of vids on YouTube of shorter visualisations concerning each chakra. That way you can experience it yourself.
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