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A ghost is hiding my money and other items

I have another thread on this forum from a few years back where I found my cell phone in a place I would never put it . I like to use cash as much as I can , but dont like to carry much on me . I like to keep cash in an envelope tucked behind my pu seat . Under other stuff I keep behind the seat . Clothes , cans of food , jumper cables , cb radios , ect. 2-3 weeks ago my envelope diaappeared . I had $ 500 -600 (US) in it . I did not think it was stolen as no one knows it there( other than a ghost) and most people would not put all the stuff on top of it back. . This morning I found my envelope on top of all my stuff with all the cash . Also my cans of sun screan would disappear . About 2 week s ago I said some think like , ok ghosts you got my attention I want my money and sun screan back . At my feat was a full can of sun screan . I had to wait the 2 weeks for my money . Like my smart phone I do find other things in places I would have never put them .
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