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I cleanse my Pendulum in water and sanitiser

I don't like this but I cleaned my house Pendulum in what and sanitiser and I cleanse my Pendulum in what is sanitizer and I've got the same for answers but I did I think I did it like I don't know
Just eat this is it if you get a head Pendulum like cleanser water and some kaiser mix together
And now I've got four pendulums and force him answers I asked
I get in my hand I like with the Twilight and my wife and and my right hand am I left hand as a board and I got the same for answers answers at the same number for answers I asked the questions and the 405 got the same answer the questions I asked
Show my for my phone handle and put on my last pendulum I bought online is a chakra one and it's 7 quid on it seven chakras and I asked the same question I asked my three times I've got and it said the same answers the same my necklaces and an atlas FM bought me it helps when I'm ready to ship the same answers
But I will not tell the questions I asked on here but some of us person
Because I do not want upset paint them I am pressing I realised no I am not pregnant if I was pregnant because I've not got a boyfriend or husband because nobody wants me yet but the one in job in the family is welcome to Ocean but what is it about me a few months ago they can do 1000 times better than me but it's not the way around the sun I'm telling people I'm pretty and then put down my family but it's Ugly Duckling as a beautiful Swan at last because I'm a bit like that I will get there I will get I will get there I will get add something to the channels
Show my photo pendulums have given the same answer on all 4 questions and all questions I've asked and I've got the same answer clockwise yes anticlockwise and no YouTube I Love by YouTube on this on
Looks like the one in the family is going to come true on me but I'm a good persone
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