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Any energetic work that wishes another person ill will bring an Energy being into Human-Reptilian (if physical intimacy love language) or Draco mode (if quality time love language), or to 7PM Heart Temperament mode (from previous 12PM Heart Temperament), or to Naga Emotional Repression Release pattern (where the physical body or mind has emotional repressions in Fear, Envy, Love, Belief, etc), or even getting Draco Telepathic Taunt (where one gets the mindwork-energetic awareness close to someone with Homosexual Sexual Temperament).

If you feel the need to work "spells" or engage in "witchcraft", you can do it in your mind, instead of acting it out. Doing such in the mind affects things on the energetic realm, so as to bring you more energy and awareness energetically. Acting such things out in the physical can draw negative energies if your intentions involve Anger, Sadness, or Fear emotional repressions.

People (especially Maitre beings) of the Homosexual Sexual Temperament (aka Nuwa) are able to consistently dwell on and think badly about someone whom they dislike, thus cursing them or wishing them ill. So with this in mind, it's important to "Wish others to find the love of their lives", and to treat everyone with kindness and respectfully.
"Seek a righteous path, and wisdom will be yours" - Ram Bomjon
"There is a right way to do anything"
"Wish others to find the love of their lives" - Roy Zhang
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