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Can your protection spells get "hacked" by much more experienced witch?

Hello everyone! I'm relatively new to all this spellwork and protection thing. And I recently created a thread similar to this, so I apologize if this is too repetitive. I'm just curious as to how a lot of things fall into place in spiritual realm

But yeah. I've watched, for a bit a few videos online about certain witches who claim to have the ability to breach protection fields of any person, even if they do spellwork on the regular. I've heard a few say that if one knows how energy works, then they can easily manipulate any protection force field. I honestly do understand how a more experienced witch could easily protect themself from the average person, but that kind of ability is a cause for concerned if it falls into the wrong hands.

So yeah, in a nutshell, I just wanted to inquire here if any of you can if there is any truth to this. And if it is, does that mean spellwork is sort of like an arm's race in a way? And if so what could I do to keep my protection manifestations from being "hacked?"
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