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It's a tricky one, but let's not forget the large group that is not like that at all.
That's the problem with all things, the negative stands out and/or makes the news, the good doesn't.

It also varies depending on where you live. These days even in my country it has gotten quite bad in certain parts of the city.
I, however, live in a rather remote area and over here you don't find it so much. Yes, there will still be kids that are difficult, for instance not go to school or something, but that's about it as far as I know.
And it also varies per country. When we read a post of yet another school shooting in The States the whole world sighs "Again?!?!" or "yeah, of course, America again."

One problem I think is that these days both parents (have to) work so there's not even someone home when they come out of school.
Over here we have after-school-care centres, but it's not cheap.
And think of this: when a baby is born mother has a few weeks maternity leave, then the still very young baby (approx. 2,5 months) is left at a child-daycare centre instead of the safety and familiarity of being with mum.
Suddenly everything changes, the smell and feel of mum has gone, different sounds, lots of other children that are making noise, crying, screaming, and so on.
Not enough daycare workers to really tend to all the babies & children properly.
It is godawful! I'm happy I didn't have to do that to my children. But these days either both parents want a career or both need to work to make ends meet. At the expense of children.

I was told that in the US many don't even have a caretaker after school -possibly because the parent(s) can't afford it- and these kids hang out in malls.
Then what do you expect?
Almost all children that are born these days are Lightworkers, more evolved souls. You can see that in their eyes, and it's been like that for quite a few years now.
These beautiful Light children come in to get dumped in a daycare centre or in the streets or a mall.

Another thing is, many of these kids -and this was already the case when mine were teenagers- feel that the way society works is not right. They may not now how it isn't, but they sense/feel/know it is totally off.
And as such they refuse to abide by that society's demands. It goes too much against the grain and they have this inner knowing that lets them know & feel that most of it is totally pointless, like learning certain subjects in school.
In a way they are rejecting the old patriarchal 3D societies with all their rules and regulations as they simply know it is wrong.
Yet society does its utmost to force them into that mould anyways. Result... either a child that becomes totally miserable and does what's demanded, maybe drugs comes into the picture. Or... they lash out.

Another problem that I see over here in my country in cities, maybe different in another country...: WAY too many refugees and kids of refugees.
These people mostly are a far cry away from being ready for our western societies. Where they come from a human life isn't valued, thing Somalia for instance. So they don't value it over here in our societies either whereas we do.
MAJOR clash.
OFtentimes these refugee kids are caught in between a rock and a hard place, the demands of their home culture from parents & family, the demands and resonance with the new culture. I mean, they ALL have (expensive) smartphones etc. But nonetheless they're still trapped in a way.

I could go on and on, but all in all I think it's a side-effect of our shifting and changing societies, shedding the old and obsolete patriarchal and moving more and more into the 5D.
We are in a transition period and each and every transition brings with it a phase of chaos.

I don't feel the future of mankind is in dire straits. It's just a phase.
Basically we are all learning new ways of having rules and respect for one another. That last one is big. Many don't respect anything anymore, but the old form of respect -that some older people think needs to come back- is obsolete as it was based on fear.
We need to begin to cultivate a new form of respect for the world, each other, our children, and so on. A huge shift that will take some time before we're there.

To finish... aren't children in a way the reflection of how many adults feel? Difference is adults have been drilled by the old system and often hopefully have responsibility etc. that keeps them from doing what kids do.
But if those adult restrictions were stripped... I think many would like to kick or hit their boss, curse him/her, etc.
Kids are just more extreme since they're, well, kids.
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