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I understand. Good that you are up and running, functioning like that. I was starting to get a little nervous, hi hi.

Not from personal experience but I know people who has had "friends with benefits"-relationships as they are now called, usually it has happened after a break up and when they have not been ready to go into another just yet.

As far as I know they have just stated their case what they want and the other one has said yes or no to that, but it always ends up with someone being hurt, so far at least what I have been told, but then again they sort of know this I suppose or someone will stop it when one develop feelings while the other one don't, then it's the one who don't who has to end it as the other one most likely have more hope that the other one will come around. Some last longer, some shorter. What ever works I guess.

I know people who have been in love with someone til they found someone new to fall in love with, so no gap in between. Maybe that could happen for you?

Thank you for your sympathy. I am sure I have done things wrong as well, things I know about and things I don't know about that only the other one can say something about. I am not single. Still married. Still trying to make it work.

I've edited, deleted as I wrote way too much again. Sorry about that.

I wish you all the best with everything :)

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