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I donít know why she never responded to my texts or emails. My guess is simply that I am a reminder of her life with me (and that I know her so well), and she wants to keep running away from that. Itís also possible that her email and phone have changed, but I doubt that. The only other option is what you said-that the man she is with is controlling and wonít let her respond. But I doubt that too, since the few times I have seen her, she completely ignores me.

I havenít healed from her lying, her cheating, her leaving, or her destroying our life together. Itís been over 5 years since she left. I havenít been with another woman. I havenít touched another woman. I donít want another woman. Yes, I wish I could just magically forget her and get over and past her, but that isnít going to happen. I dream about her almost every single night. In some dreams we are together and happy; in some she is being cruel to me and with someone else; other dreams about her are purely sexual.

All day and all night, almost everything I see, hear, etc reminds me of her. And without being too graphic, whenever I pleasure myself, I think only of her.
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