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(* This is like a person’s life. As a person grows up from a child into an adult, his body, including the head, torso, and limbs, gets more and more close to a ‘full’ status. And when the person’s body reaches a peak state, which is close to, but not equal to the theoretical ‘full’ status, his body begins to decline. The person becomes older and weaker as time goes by, and finally dies. )

i am struggling with this. Certainly this is the way people see things, however, I got this from the Tao te ching ch 30:

This idea that things reach the prime and then are old?
It is appropriately called not in accordance with tao

which says the the first thing, even though it may well understood to be 'true' by people, is yet not the way.

And in fact if i remember correctly one of the things taoists were interested in is 'immortality'.

Got any insight as to the disparity?
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