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Being a jumper

There's a movie based on it called the 'jumper' ... Where a young boy learns he can jump and finds out there are many like him...

Was thinking that we are suppose to be jumpers I remember twice that I've jumped one from Paris and once for hungry both times I was having a too much of good time, and forgetful of getting home: but happened to jump back to the uk.. I wasn't fully consciously aware and was in an insert of some kind...but never the less I made the jumps back home....

Was wondering that we are all jumpers: doesn't seem to be any symmetry stopping the theorem...other than the account is undergraduate at the moment-

We will all be living the life he had in the movie or robbing bank vaults or jumping the stuff back...I don't know what you would want more than to be a jumper... Does anyone have any experience with jumping?
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