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The "Lucid Dreaming Experience" magazine, March 2021 is available (free, .pdf format).

Robert Waggoner interviews Chris Hammond

Tools for Igniting or Deepening Your
Lucid Dream Practice

Alexandra Enns shares valuable tips from her personal
lucid dreaming toolkit

My Beginner’s Routine for Lucid Dreaming
Troy Vrolyk summarizes his practices for initiating lucid dreams

The Art of Transforming Nightmares
An exclusive book excerpt by Clare R. Johnson, PhD

Lucid Dreaming & the Experience of Creativity
Kathleen Quinlan, MSW, describes how her first lucid
dream demonstrated that ‘You Create Your Own Reality’

WILD Things
Daryl4D discusses his preferred induction technique

Psychological and Emotional Healing
Enabled by Lucid Dreams

Shared dreaming and healing experiences by
Maria Isabel **** and Two Anonymous Contributors

Performing Ceremonies — A Healing Dream
Using intense fear as a reality check in dreams,
M General discovered healing through ceremony

Reality Testing
Eleanor Cait offers several reality testing techniques to
enhance success with achieving lucidity

Building Lucid Awareness
A walking meditation by Ian Jaydid

In Your Dreams!
LDE readers share their lucid dreaming experiences
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