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MissCreativeSpirit >>> I've learned a great deal from Bashar over the years --- but, recently I've discovered Neville Goddard on You tube and WOW! So much of the same info about creating your reality, just in different words and often explains bible quotes in a very enlightened and empowering way.

Neville's version of shifting realities is simply: "Feel the feeling of the wish fulfilled."

And his version of already existing parallel realities, taken from 'Faith is Loyalty to Unseen Reality' ---
"The unseen to this world exists now. It actually exists. Not out there beyond the stars - right HERE!
It's all existing right here. All things exist now. You're simply in a section of time.
A day will come when you'll be able to move into any section of time."

I was shocked at what I heard and had to re-listen and then transcribed it. FUN!
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