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so, the major differentiation to be made with regards to spirits is in what
intentions they hold toward you. there may be "good" or "bad" faeries,
djinn, elementals, angels, etc., depending on how your energy and theirs
interact, which is likely dependant on choices made prior to the meeting,
rather than during an encounter (you decide what you are beforehand).

i recommend that you be open to any beneficial spirit contact, and that
you let them sort themselves out according to intent... by projecting a
'godly aura'. Source energy is purely loving and accepting of all things;
it informs and invigorates all things with life energy without regard to
how those things might behave [non-judgmental]. to adopt that attitude
is to be completely invulnerable to attack of any kind (i believe), since
to approach the source of that energy would require an entity to match
that frequency and thus render any ill intent moot and powerless.
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