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Part 3 The Pyramid

Our party of travelers has stopped now. Our angel guides will escort us, one of us with each of the seven to the Atmic center which serves as the higher correspondence to the more familiar Hall of Records in the Earth’s Astral plane. Seven travelers, seven angels. The eighth of these, the Lady, now raises her arm before us and points to a structure in the distance. We become aware of it now, not through our eyes or even via our third eyes…. No. It’s different. We are using our imaginations, or rather some higher form of them. What we perceive is being created for us in our minds. Identity is lost to the singularity of this new experience. Forward now, the fifteen move slowly towards this new destination. This writing is a memory which suffers from the need to translate plane to plane until it is within reach of our rational minds. So much is distorted. The reader, each of you, will find slightly differing realities in the tapestry to be unfolded. Colors too will modify in accordance with your own auras’ perceptions. Shall we continue?

We have arrived on the Atmic plane and are upon the mythical home planet of the angels. It is a world in pastels, wonderful. Shapes in light inhabited by beings of light. Only slight variations in coloring. We remember that this is not a physical world at all. Indeed it is unlike any that we can imagine. We are guests, travelers here. The sights that we experience, our understandings of it all are products of the interactions afforded us by our angel guides. It is they who send directly to our human minds (remember we are yet in our Earth plane Astral bodies) those things that we seem to see or hear or understand. Later, after we return home we will, for a time, remember as though we were really there. Were we or because of some need was it yet another dream? Perhaps we will never know. Our perceptions of this place will vary but never let the truth of it’s existence be doubted. It is all quite real.

Before us is what appears to be an immense pyramid made of some shimmering, translucent material. We see it but we can also, to a degree, see into it. As we watch we note very light bands of color moving as though some very mystical play is being enacted, meanings conveyed to some audience. No. It is so much more than just that. It is a four sided pyramid very similar to those found on Earth. We exchange glances.

Our angels, each of them ministers to each of us. Each angel carrying one of us within their protective auras as before. We move forward now and enter. There are no doors or openings that we can see. We simply find ourselves inside. Now all about us are swirling patterns of colored cloud like bands moving as though by directed purpose. Complex but not random at all. We understand just enough to answer our immediate questions. Everyone is inside now. We stop. Yes. It seems to be a strangely layered structure. We have the impression that is not a matter of a building with things inside but rather…. We are seeing or witnessing all the events of the planes of existence arranged in order of something like quality of manifestation. And through it all we know ourselves, our places in this monument. Or so it seems. We will continue. We ask:

“What is this that we see as a pyramid?”

Our angel answers us saying:

“It is our repository of forever.”

We are seated now or rather we seem to be but our bodies do not touch any surface. Perhaps floating is a better word. The Lady, the First Angel, speaks:

“You question the pyramidal design of what you perceive. It is familiar to you. You have seen like structures on Earth and there are hints of others too… The pyramid is a design which, because of it’s inherent stability and simplicity, and versatility serves as foundational to any, to each of the planes of existence.”

We listen and realize that she is correct of course. We have many pyramids on Earth and some say there are others on both our moon and on Mars. She continues:

“This structure is the higher correspondence of the fabled Hall of Records which exists on both your Earth and in her heavens, on the Astral plane of expression. In it’s vaults is a complete history of forever. And, just as the use of this idea provokes wonder in you so shall the discoveries that you will make. Shall we begin?”

The Atmic plane does experience a flow of time but it is almost unrecognizable to us. On lower planes we are used to the very familiar processes of thoughts, thinking. Here this is surpassed by realizations. If we were to describe it we might say it was more akin to variations in consciousness. Perhaps a modulated form of awareness is better. Allow us to simply say that after a time we are led to someplace that seems like, if it were on Earth, to be a reception area. We look about us and we see a regular shaped enclosed space. The ceiling is in the shape of an inverted vee though. And there is one ornament. To one side a covered elongated box. Of this we are told nothing, yet. We discover more about this just before our story concludes. Now the party pauses. We did not see or sense them a moment before but now we see seven passageways around the perimeter of the area. They are not marked that we can discern but plainly they each lead to other areas inside of the pyramid. And now we are moving again.

Each of our guide angels moves to one of the doors. Seven angels, seven doors, seven travelers. It appears that each of us will experience an individual adventure. The Lady, who is still watching says:

“Yes. You are correct. Beyond each of these doors is recorded the various structures of the spiritual realms, both high and lower. Each of you will see and experience the reasoning and mechanics of the forever worlds. Later then you will remember even after returning to the Earth. And a sharing, perhaps in your Healing Room, will be beneficial to you all. But more, as you continue with the rest of your lives you will teach those who show interest affirming the true nature of reality of it all.” We are given to understand that the “forever worlds” are the higher representations or correspondences of the lower, created worlds that we know so well. Shall we proceed?

Note: Angels are known to many all over the world. In each culture or tradition they are recognized by name. May we, for convenience, use the names given the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades by the Greeks?

The seven are: Taygete, Merope, Maia, Electra, Celæno, Asterope and Alcyone. In the company of one traveler each, they move each to a different portal, and enter. At this point the essence of the story begins.

To be continued.
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