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Considerations 152 …

Loving the Unlovable … or … What / Who Do You Love …

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How many of us … if not all of us … have ever said or thought to or about another person …

“You said / did WHAT? You think … WHAT? How can you possibly say / do that? That’s SO stupid and totally WRONG. I can’t even like you anymore … let alone love you!” ( The variations and personal touches to this are endless. )

This is said to family, friends, relatives, coworkers, strangers … it makes no difference. We all have felt it … and often still do.

And yet the metaphysicians and Christians and other teachings clearly promote … love everything and everyone. Love … ALL life.

How are you going to put these approaches together? There are two factors that play heavily into all of this.

One … the emotional … the warm … the sentimental degree we put towards “loving” someone. That is an additional involvement that does not *have* to be there. We would not be romantically “warm” or “sentimental” to those we don’t feel that way towards. We would not ( hopefully ) be rather neutral or hold a moderate respect or consideration to our mates. We certainly would not take it into a “dislike.”

The above is an adequate “either / or” scenario that is a trap. We either feel deeply warm or “loving” towards someone … whomever they might be … or we can be rather neutral or simply considerate towards them before heading into the “dislike” aspect … whatever level we want to take all of that.

Clearly … a persons outer behavior, attitudes, statements, and patterns would dictate a lot of this. And … their history … our history with them.

We either give them a warm, emotional, sentimental, “loving” feeling … perhaps a “positive"or … we head down through the neutral area before we drop into the “dislike” level to whatever intensity we wish to put forth towards someone.

If we try to positively, warmly love everyone and everything … we quickly find out that this cannot be done. The incredibly variety of outer behavior and attitudes clearly show that so many around us are just totally below that warm, acceptant feeling. Immorality, crime, rude, ignorant, childish behavior … are we supposed to warmly love such people?

Secondly … and this takes a bit of advanced perception … there is a level of each of us … Soul Itself … a basic core center … that is the divine orchestrator of our personal life … that is here to learn … and It is doing that through the outer bodies or sheaths … and it is these that are responsible for the daily perceptions and behaviors that we constantly experience in those around us. It is a distinct spark or aspect of the Core Creator God. It is a point of consciousness … an individual point of awareness … not separate … just individual … and untainted … would rarely if ever indulge in the rather lowly behavior patterns and habits we use on a daily basis in the Lower Psychic Worlds.

The emotions are not responsible for our mental thoughts. We place our emotional responses onto the thoughts we entertain … but the emotional do not make the thoughts … and … vice versa. Soul Itself is not responsible for the outer patterns we practice. Soul Itself is the “driver” of the Lower Psychic World facets … but as a stand-alone aspect or feature … Soul Itself wouldn’t even have the ability to promote such “outward behaviors.” Soul Itself is divine only. Period. It is unchangeable and eternal. All the features and aspects of the Lower Psychic Worlds are not.

We do … certainly … as a human, emotional animal … have the capacity to desire warm, passionate love and then propel this feeling onto others of our choice. Sometimes this is a subconscious recognition of those we have known in the past. It is part of our schooling here.

So … although it might take a new perception on your part … we can train and accept Soul Itself as an aspect of LIFE that we can love … while dismissing the outer patterns and habits that specific Soul might be using at the moment. The Soul in each of us … we can accept and softly love them … although perhaps not with the additional emotional warmth we might give only to those that we are romantically involved with. We can choose who we “warmly” love. We can accept all others on a rather neutral, kind, considerate basis … a “good will” if you will … maybe a neutral kindness … while acknowledging their often rude behavior … and we can back away from such people and let them learn what is obviously in front of them … in their own way … in their own time.

We do not have to accept others inconsiderate behavior … but we can still be wholly acceptant of them as Soul Itself. We can “love” their divinity … but dismiss their corrupt outer behavior just as we would dismiss a second grader not knowing quantum physics. This is often the way we learn and grow beyond those around us. We have to let them go eventually. We need not add resentment, bitterness, anger, or combative responses towards them. Just … back away … in the most neutral way that you can … and move on with your life.

Divine love is *not* the same as sentimental, intense, emotional love … as we humans so ardently search and long for. Divine love is a love for LIFE IT-self … and not for specific individuals. This may not set well with people. Attaching, craving love has been promoted by my for as long as animals and mankind have walked this planet. It’s a wonderful feeling … and as I’ve said before … when a deep and passionate relationship is “working” between man and woman … there is nothing else like it. It is what it is … and it is often prized.

But divine love is more for a continuation of the LIFE Force … which in a sense … loving others / mankind *is* that … but on a specific, individualized level.

And so … loving all of LIFE is an end goal … so to speak … of which Soul Itself is a clear and distinct aspect … and loving all else with an acknowledgment of the learning progression and tolerant recognition of *much* ignorant patterns and habits practiced by so many around you … offering a charitable kindness to those that are clearly un-schooled and leaving them to their own roadway choices without adding any resentment, harassment, annoyance, or bitterness to your position … is a way to love all of LIFE while dismissing those whom are clearly … “lost” … of you will.

The corrupt, unethical, immoral, unethical positions of individuals is not necessarily a part of LIFE IT-self … but an expression by the “parts” of LIFE … if you will. You can certainly and clearly love all of LIFE … and simply dismiss the behaviors and perspectives of those around you that impinge on your personal stance. You can practice tolerance, forgiveness, patience, and good will at every turn but you do not have to let them become a part of your life … and to impact your perspective. But … you should not form a negative stance against these individuals. Simply let them be … LIFE will be their teacher in their own time … and you can carry on elsewhere.

More next Monday.

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