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Considerations 151B …

Try These …

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If you haven’t already … please read the main post for this week on the Mind’s Eye above.

As stated above … these approaches are to be used in a light, airy, easy, believable way … inwardly. Makes little difference what is happening outwardly … these are used to revise and develop … inwardly … to later carry on to the outer. An absolute prime rule … these are to be used on your own personal revision and design only. Do NOT “aim” this at someone else. If you do … you may be reprimanded … someway … somehow … sometime. It is always up to you.

Both of these are easy scenarios to carry out. They help to acknowledge and develop the inner senses. As with outer physical exercise … it does little good to do 200 physical crunches in one program and get upset when you cannot complete the program right off the bat. Start with ten … and gain every day.

Same with these. If you’re good at inner work … fine. Take all the time you need. Otherwise … do this for five focused minutes … then longer as you get comfortable and capable with it … but it is the short repetitions that really do the job … not one long scenario only once a week.

The trick is to make this wholly and totally believable to yourself. Make it as magical and fanciful as you wish … to carry the beauty and excitement to your inner world. The more inwardly you make this believable to yourself … the better it will work for you.

The first … is to design a magical golden goblet or drinking vessel … that glows with power and enchantment. Make it special to you. The “magical” part of it is to assist in carrying the expectation and wide-open, broad avenues you can incorporate into all of this. You do not have to “prove” this to anyone else … this is yours.

Inwardly … go inside and make this goblet … and you can use the same goblet / vessel on all subsequent designs. Perhaps … go into a special room and pick up this special goblet and then carry it through a door to the outside … all inwardly … and hold it out in front of you and sense / visualize the atoms of the air around you ( inwardly ) simply alive with vitality. Perhaps like a broad fog … sparkling and dancing. Focus on your new pattern that you wish to incorporate … perhaps more patience … and see the broad “fog” begin to gather and form according to your design. It swirls over your goblet … make like a tornado … maybe like a thundercloud with lightening streaking everywhere … all carrying your new, focused pattern … and at your decision … drop that into the goblet as a drink. See it glow and sparkle. SEE it as your new preferred pattern or habit … and then … drink it. Feel the absorption of it. Know that the new pattern is … you. You can feel the facet of “patience” grow and become a part of you. As an addition or extension to this … you can run inner scenarios where you run into situations that require greater patience and you can see / sense yourself reacting with much greater resolve and patience. When done … simply come out of it … and carry on with your day. Maybe a week or two down the road you will encounter and outer, physical scenario that would suggest greater patience and you automatically begin to lean in that direction. Let yourself develop.

Secondly … much along the same lines … do without the goblet … and as you see the inner swirling or gathering of your new pattern … simply breathe it into yourself. Feel it flow into yourself as an elixir. Feel it take over your inner being almost like outwardly drinking alcohol. Feel yourself become “inebriated” with the new pattern. Walk around and practice being more patient as you design inner scenarios that test your patience and you react as you would prefer. BE that inner individual with greater patience already. Practice it. Develop it. Strengthen it. Move from becoming it to BE-ing it. Deeply breathe this in right down to your toes. Feel the joy of it … knowing that greater patience ( or whatever ) is already yours.

Once again … this is for YoU only. Do NOT do this to make someone else fall more in love with you … to control their behavior … to make someone else comply with your wishes. You can certainly do this … but the eventual outcome or response or effect will come back to you … either in this lifetime or some other lifetime on down the road. This is often why we are undergoing various unwanted scenarios in this lifetime … we have done this unconsciously … or unknowingly … and the issues of balance come back to claim its demands.

The obvious core perception here is to find and refine the feeling … the essence … the “spirit” of your new belief or behavior pattern and “drink” or “inhale” that. Find the belief of the belief … if you will. Make it magical … with all the drama that will make it more real to YoU. “Taking it into yourself” requires repetition … just as any physical exercise requires repetition.

These two inner exercises are so basic but very, very useful. You can take the approach any way you inwardly wish. Make up your own. Inwardly … see yourself standing in front of a mirror and see the mirrored reflection act the way you wish yourself to act. You watch yourself BE the new person … NoW.

Another hint … try not to use these approaches to “avoid the old” … but instead … “live the new.” In other words … with the above example of patience … try not to run it on “I will *not* be impatient” … but rather … “I’m greater patience” … or … “I will NOT be this way anymore” … and instead … “I am this.”

With practice … these work. These are not fail-proof. Used with sincerity … they do greatly assist in development and revision. They can themselves be greatly revised to suit your own preferences and enhancements. In many cases … these can be somewhat miraculous … cutting the time necessary to learn or revise from weeks, months, years, and even lifetimes to a much shorter requirement.

Used incorrectly … they will do little if anything.

You can become incredibly proficient with these … for your own personal growth. If the are overly-simplistic and already known to all … many times it’s nice to go back to the basics … or … carry on with your own workable versions.

As with much of life … a key is doing something about the situation, condition, issue, belief … and not simply waiting for something to happen or to just out-last it. Doing something about it displays sincerity and effort … and that goes a *long* ways in bringing greater understanding into your personal orbit.

More next Monday.

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