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Originally Posted by Still_Waters
Ramana Maharshi has questioned the Neti-Neti (not this, not this) removal approach and indicated that it merely confirms what you are NOT.
I wasn't talking about an "approach" but rather an end result. That was, after all, the target of the query I was replying to. Just because I responded Socratically instead of Twitter-friendly isn't a cause for assumptions.

Anyhow, that aside, the neti-neti stuff arises and does its thing of its own accord while one is practicing jnana yoga; it needs to be unequivocally ignored in deference to focus on practice. Sri Ramana's atma vichara is one technique of nirguna dhyana, the crux of jnana yoga, whereby all of those things which constitute the cherished beliefs and perceptions and attachments of the Ego will fall away due to lack of attention to them during its practice, the which must be consistent and perpetual and complete to be efficacious. And, while Sri Ramana may have said what you've stated, please understand that the depth of his words is directly commensurate to the comprehension of their hearers/readers. He said so himself!

"True Knowledge is being devoid of knowledge as well as ignorance of objects. Knowledge of objects is not true knowledge. Since the Self shines self-luminous, with nothing else for It to know, with nothing else to know It, the Self is Knowledge. Nescience It is not."
- Ulladu Narpadu, v. 12

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