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Originally Posted by bandofangels
AM..thank you sooo much for helping me to understand..I see that I have alot to learn, and I appreciate the time you have taken with me to explain it better in terms I understand now...It's been very hard for me to deal with, and I don't sleep good since his passing, I guess I have been worried about him, but I think now I can sleep a little thank you!

Ahhh, that was really nice to hear. Thank you too...

A little under 3 years ago, I felt the loss of my 'brother', my best and only real friend. I don't always know he's around, and quite how much of a part he plays in guiding me? But now and again his presence can be felt, when my energy is right, and when I feel the light within my heart?

Scientifically speaking, my light is in the same space as his, so when I walk in in the dark, it is impossible for him to be felt?

Everyone we've ever known and will ever know is eternal though - and that's generally what helps to keep the light shining brightly! As often as I can find a way of feeling it!

Bless you and your Dad!