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Originally Posted by bandofangels
I am new here,and I recently lost my father (march 5,06)..I was blessed to be able to see him,but the day I left he seemed to be ok..and squeezed my hand tightly as if he knew he wouldn't be seeing me anymore, I left that night, and Monday my mom had called to deliver me the news that my dad had passed on, since then I have been asking him to give me signs,but reading your posts I know now that I should just relax and wait for his time..I understand that there is no time in the universe..and I thought that just applied to when you pray to the Lord and in his time he will answer your prayers..but I understand now that it goes for spirits as well...

I also lost a dear friend in 1989, she was 29 and died of cancer, and every now and then I get a whiff of her perfume, or I will hear her favorite song on the radio..I just look up and say "Hi Kathy"..I strongly believe that they like to be acknowledged...

Hi bandofangels

Hopefully this will help...

Our bodies generally exist in the only time realm there is, with time constraints - the physical realm - while the upper realms of spirit reside in what is known as universal infinity?

In infinity our spirits are able to naturally heal, and shamanistic healing practises involve creating a gap in our time zone , so that infinity is exposed, enabling the body of the patient to benefit from the natural healing we can receive from that universal energy by existing within an infinite space?

Well, our souls and our spirits heal, which in turn heals the physical?

A way to achieve this without the assistance a shaman is known as enlightenment.

The brighter we can make our spirits glow during and after the illumination process, determines the amount of physical healing we can receive from the 'spirit' aspect of our being that exists in infinity.

Sometimes our spirit, and the energy imprints left from our souls development path need time to heal. But once that is done, we are then taught how to come back and visit.

When the time is right, your Dad will be ready to be with you again. But at the moment he's going through adjustment to his new home.

All the love and light in the universe...

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