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I noticed Something

Someone else made a great suggestion already, animism. It appears most people have already helped with good advice.

Originally Posted by Svaroga
Hi, I am not a Wiccan but as a syncretic Neo-Pagan who has read a bit about Wiccans and other Neo-Pagans there are no super strict rules so I don't think you need to worry. For example there are a number Wiccans who believe in Diana or synchronize with other pagan religions, from what I know you do not need an orthodoxy within Wicca and the same goes for Neo-Pagans. As I stated I myself am a Neo-Pagan synchronizing Germanic and Slavic deities, I worship some but not all of the deities and it is not improbable that I could worship non but the spirits instead. Also I don't follow all the rituals the exact way ancient Germanic and Slavic people did, sure I have stones and wooden idols but I set them up very different from the source I learned this from so what rituals make sense to you matters more than having approval from others. So you say you believe in the universe? I'm afraid I have no specific answer because so many religions believe in different cosmologies the ancient Slavs for example had Rod the slavic god of society, family, kinship, the universe, and creation and in ancient China you have Taoism where they believe in Tao or "the Way". You have a lot of options
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