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Part 2 Departure

As we did before we step onto the magical carpet, all of us. We carry gifts of food because we anticipate a picnic event just like last time. This time a little differently though. Another landscape to discover. Again we note that the carpet has enlarged itself to suit. Each of us is now seated.

It rises slowly from the “ground”. Now shaped in proper Indian fashion it settles on the back of our sturdy Lady Pumpkin who turns her head slightly. She is in control now. High Bette and Goodness are with us. Strange they seem to have changed their size or maybe it’s just my imagination. But they have no trouble at all settling in for the ride. Is something missing? Here they come. From the far north lands of the Sami peoples our reindeer friends come to lend a hand. And what do you know, Rudolph is in the lead. Lady Pumpkin raises her trunk in greeting. They descend and array themselves. Imagine a coach and four of the nineteenth century and gain some idea of our anticipated departure. Remember? The aroma of the horses as they stamp their feet, wanting to be off? It’s the way it was before we all had cars. Sometimes dangerous but exciting. In much the same way now, even in the astral plane, our assembled friends seem just a bit impatient. So let’s go shall we?

Slowly we raise from the “ground” outside the garden Room. It is hard to understand though. Are we rising or is the “ground” being lowered? Slowly we begin to move forward, now with a slight nose up attitude that reminds us of our first airplane ride. Below us the landscape is smaller. Are we really moving or is there some other magic in play? We are used to our physical bodies but these have been left behind. The sensory apparatus too… This is the middle astral plane. Things are not quite the same.

As we gain speed again we note there is no sensation of velocity, no rush of air blowing our hair or for us to listen to using our hearing. We just know it. Colors now change. Our speed is tremendous. In our field of vision though we seem to see clouds in the distance. Always the remain just out of reach even though our speed must be phenomenal. But then as we began we now slow. And as we do the scenery again changes. Now, instead of seeing some kind of Earth like landscape we find ourselves in a place where pastel colors and shapes form our surroundings. We see these and we know what they are. How does this happen? Remember in the last story? We traveled to the highest of the Earth’s heavens? We are there again, now. We rest. As we come to rest a vision before us. Just in this area we see familiar shapes. A mental plane equivalent of the Garden appears. We, Lady Pumpkin, is standing on a grassy surface again. It seems the same as before except that now we can gaze into the distance and see the cloud like shapes each peopled by points of light. Colors changing as we watch. Dynamic. Moving but staying in one place too. Almost incomprehensible. We wait… but for what? It is quiet now. Imagine a quiet place on Earth. So quiet one could hear the respiration of the smallest of biological life forms. This is one million times as quiet. It is, in fact, heavenly.

To be continued…
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