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Being still & silent
in our pristine element
awareness in alertness
disassociating thought & external sentience

A seeming fanciful impossibility
requiring an intuitive ability
found in a subtle feeling zone
to the rational mind unknown

So with fragmented thoughts rested
ego to some measure bested
senses we internalise
yet memory does anticipate & size

Alright so admitting memory recollection
while recognising its limitation
we exit all in-form association
in a continuum of deep meditation

And in so aligning
observing magnetism within rising
internal polarities of sentience
connect us to the divine in innocence

Thereafter our yearning
compels an automatic prioritising
of the divine love connection
in a continuum unending

This journey in aloneness
offering permanent inner blissfulness
is a path pathless
for ascension of our consciousness


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