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Each realm of vibration
requires a vehicle for interaction
which we occupy and energise
to experience and feel alive
in that domain
Yet boon may soon become bane
if we are so deluded
to believe that the vehicle is us, soul excluded
The temporary life force of the vehicle is the ego
seeking attracting our attention in waters shallow
and if we succumb and itís feral cravings follow
in a state of delusion we continue to wallow
Our actions with ego as fulcrum generates karma
which we then need to resolve being law of dharma
leading to repeated birth after birth in that domain
A web of self created suffering until the ego is lain ...
to rest, employed as but a temporary interface
connected to Universal consciousnessís divine grace

The earth domain is where we learn
within our stillness in aloneness to discern
that we are the formless Oneness awareness
enlivening ego as divine entwined consciousness


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