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Consciousness ascension to pure awareness

Wherein lies thought origin, it’s beginning
The source of our inspirations surging
Our consciousness being to vibration sentient
Mood drawing in thought to it correspondent
Analytical thought fragmentation
Scientific analysis manifestation
Are necessary intermediate evolutionary steps
For our consciousness within form to develop
This is alright in the domain external
Within the perceived sensory duality ephemeral
To interact with energy & matter, both one
But why can we not stop thought when done
Thought empowerment is enabling
But when a habit; crippling & disabling
Even more detrimental when we imagine
Thought type ranging from coarse to sanguine
As all originating in us as a separate egoic self
A state of delusion better for us to shelf
So once we recognise
That all thought is merely a resonation
As of our limited consciousness vibration
And that the joy we seek in the external
Is attainable only in the internal
We shift our attention to intuitive thought
Resting limited thought, ego begot
Intuition cognising the whole in an instant
Relying upon the Universe as our able assistant
So, intuitive thought by our non-self presence
Receives the exalted divine essence
Though not completely
For contaminants still remain within our being
Which prevent us fully imbibing
The ineffable bliss
Of pristine love awareness
Cognised by our intuitive attention in be-ness
As one with Oneness
Which is fine
For there is no rat race here, no finish line
Nor a doer as in a separate self pursuing
Some personal goal in a manner hurrying
So, back to intuitive thought resonance
Imbibing the divine essence
By just being in a mode of childlike magnetism
Which bridges all chasms
As we thus unhurriedly go about
Within form and without
We be to become open to unrestricted reception
Of the Oneness awareness love transmission
In detached vibrant aloneness
With divine assistance


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