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She had just heard the news on the wireless
Of the war that had spread like a storm
When she turned and saw in the light from door
Her child in a uniform.

Silhouetted by gold from a light that was cold
Cold light from a dying sun
As he stood there with pride she gasped then she cried
Oh! what have you gone and done?

I’ve joined the army dear mother said he
I’ll cross the great waters, strange lands will I see
Adventures await me, so mother I go
To Egypt, then countries where we’ll meet our foe.

Oh my boy, cried his mother, war isn’t a game
It’s not, bang bang you’re dead then you get up again
It’s men gone insane, bayonets dripping with gore
Ah! Could I but shield you from the horrors of war.

Then tell me dear mother what should I do?
Give up my chance of glory for you
Stay here by your side while we watch all the others
Waving goodbye to their fathers and mothers?

I’ll not be branded a coward, god damn
I’m no longer your baby, I’ve grown, I’m a man
A man she sighed as he walked away
A man who’d turned seventeen today.

How long had she waited for his letter to come?
And tears welled in her eyes as she read, “Dearest mum
I’m sorry I hurt you and I’m missing you so
Forgive me dear mother, but I just had to go.

I had to see Egypt, Ah! what history lies here
But tomorrow they’re shipping us out I fear
Don’t know where we’re going and no one will tell
But I’ve heard on the grapevine, it’s the Dardanelle’s”

In the still of the night when the world was all quite
She felt a sensation inside
Like a child in her womb, crying out from the gloom
Help me mother, I’m caught by the tide.

Then her pale spirit rose from her body that dozed
It lifted then drifted away
To stand on the sand of a far foreign land
Where her poor wretched baby lay

He’d been drowned by the tide and he lay where he died
Caught up in the wire ‘neath the waves
And the ocean ran red with the blood that was shed
By our brave Anzac boys that day.

And her spirit it stayed with her boy where he laid
Her boy who had grown to a man
For they found her next day cold lifeless and gray
With his letter still clasped in her hand......... The Anointed.
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