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Angel1 Men Come To Assess My Stay On Earth?!!

Okay, last night I spent about five hours dreaming about the same thing. Every time I woke up briefly (checked the time and glanced around the room), I'd return to the same dream theme. BUT only the first of the three dreams is remembered clearly enough to write down.

July 21, 2021
Early a.m.

It's daytime and 'm sitting outside on a bench or something with a female companion next to me on my right. She points to two or three men approaching us some distance away. She says they are here to talk to us about our stay here (Earth).

Next, I am bending over the left end of the bench seat as if I'm about to fall on my head. I know someone is standing right in front of me; he is my assesser. I have my eyes closed, but I sense him walk toward me then stop as I topple over. I feel him ( I sense it is a masculine presence) gently place a hand on my center lower back to prevent me from falling.

My next dream awareness is sitting back upright on the bench with my buddy still next to me. The assessers have given us journals to record our experiences. My assesser (who I only remember seeing from the neck down--a white male) hands me a rectangular book that looks like a receipt book that is open on three sides with a bound edge. Inside are light yellow lined sheets and on top of each sheet or two is a long dark blue carbon sheet which is folded in threes. These are to be my copies, I think. The top cover of these journals are a pretty swirly medium dark blue pattern.

In the dream I knew that the assessers were from a different planet than Earth and that me and my companion were members of the planet each man represented. The two of us were on Earth to observe life here. The purpose of the assessment was to determine what we had learned, and how much longer we needed to stay on Earth.

I awoke then soon returned to sleep. The second dream continued with a theme related to observing life.
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