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I think about you every day. I loved you more then you could have believed, and I still do.

You weren't my mother but I will always think of you as my MA. It tore me apart to see you crumble from the weight of your physical and mental burdens, though I do understand. I wish we could have been enough for you to have the will to survive, but I also understand you couldn't fight anymore.

I will always remember the day I met you, your red hair and pink glasses, big smile. At first I was scared because you were so much bigger then I was, but then you gave me a hug I couldn't refuse. After that hug I knew I could trust you and that even though I was a stranger at the time, that you cared about me.

Even though your mind was tricky your heart was always true. You welcomed me into your family when I felt I had nowhere to belong. We laughed, we fought, we cried and we laughed some more.

I dream about you all the time and wake up covered in tears. I miss you. I hope and pray that wherever you are now you have been released from all of that terribleness that you dealt with. I hope you can walk through meadows, look at the flowers, surrounded by loved ones and enjoy yourself purely unburdened. Soak up the love and sunshine MA.

And Ma wants me to ask you all, why does the crack in your bum go up and down instead of sideways? Because if it went sideways when you went up the stairs it would go, bub blub bub blub bub blub. (Picture a lady moving her finger up and down past her lips to while making those noises.)
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