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Originally Posted by ShilohCyrus
thank you for the reply FairyCrystal
i understand your point but sometimes clients only want a yes or no answer. and that's how they pose their question. and that's why I'm seeking advice or insight about how to properly go about providing that answer.

so im questioning if that positive card is meaning a true yes to that negative event. i just wondering if a negative card would have better represented a negative event? would be thankful for additional insight or advice
Basically you tell your clients that it isn't possible and that they have to rephrase their question to an open one.
This actually helps them as it makes them think and not ask for an easy way out. People always have to take responsibility for whatever, but people tend to avoid that. It's easier and more comfortable to just get a clear cut YES or NO.
And the cards can give a very good indication of what to expect or what is possible, what lies ahead.
And if for instance Tower or Death was to be in there, followed by great card(s) it can mean that yes, it is possible to get there, but it ain't going to be easy or comfortable.
You can ask more concrete questions, for instance "What is the expected outcome?" Then you can dig deeper like "What can X do to help this along?"
And so on.
That way you get a very in depth and valuable reading, much more so than any simple meaningless YES or NO would do.
If clients insist then let them go. That means they're not ready to take responsibility and not ready to do any work or not the right one for you. Not everyone is a good match, you aren't the right match for everyone either. That's something you have to accept, whether you read cards, energies, heal etc.

In short YES or NO means fortune telling. Personally I don't do fortune telling and Tarot isn't designed for YES or NO. Risk is also if you come up with a YES and it works out as a NO they will come back to you to complain.
"Does he still love me" "Will he come back to me?" "Will I win the lottery" etc etc that kind of cr@p I don't do. As a reader I want to be taken seriously. I'm not wasted my gift and energy on that stuff.
But I guess it is what you want and prefer.
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