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I saw into the PAST and it was real

For the first time in my whole life, for the first time after having hundreds and hundreds of experiences, I had ONE that proved to be REAL.

I found myself this morning with my two brothers and my grandma. I and my brothers were children again. My grandma was with us, we entered in a house, in a room.

My grandma said something like: Now I am going to show you the Past; There was a TV, this TV opened itself, suddenly, I could see many of my relatives that died years and dozens of years ago, they were all so happy. Everything looked like so in touch with nature, this was around 1980. My grandpa was there too. He was laughing and having a good time.

I told my grandma something like: This is the Past, it looks so simple and in touch with nature; My grandma said something back: Yes, this is the Past.

There were no words spoken, it was mind to mind conversation.

Now, the crazy thing is about to happen, my FATHER appeared, HE was soooooooo young and having a very nice body, I mean, muscles and long hair, I never knew that my FATHER HAD LONG HAIR WHEN HE WAS YOUNG.

They became even more happy, those people, my father, my grandpa and those relatives. Saying jokes and having a ton of fun. I knew that it's time to go and right before the TV stopped, my FATHER looked at me directly as if he could see me from the TV. I felt that his eyes reaching the core of my being.

I was not able to see my grandfather but I knew he was there and I can't remember who were those relatives but they seem to be very close to our family!!

Then I, my brothers and my family were going out from that house, when my grandma said something like: We have to be aware of this woman; There was a woman there that was not very happy with us being there, though she could do nothing, she was in another room.

I woke up this morning, I said to myself: Well, this must be my imagination, come on, my father never had long hair, come on; but something made me to go to my father and ask him directly: When you were young, did you had long hair? He said YES and then I started telling him more about how he looked like and he was... I could see tears in his eyes, he could not believe it!!!!!! Then I told him the entire dream and he was speachless... I told him how his body looked like, how his hair lookled like, that it was very beautiful.

And this is how, my friends, I was able to see into the Past...
The truth.
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