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Originally Posted by naturesflow
Its all related and the more you integrate in everyway its noticeable.

I notice this in myself in this way. And I am noticing it in your own process of sharing.

Your adding things to things and making more out of things that were once as they were building and sharing a much more expanded picture. Where as previously you were not doing this.

That seems to be the natural path of going deeper. Integrating everything back to emptiness and completeness.

So don't be deterred by my noticing. I just notice this because I notice these things in myself. It seems the more open you are to your own process in a shared space everything flows in to show us more.

Even though they say less is best, more makes less possible. And less makes more possible. So it goes...

Anything is possihle. Heres some of the things i have been saying while i have been here.

Everything dissolves into the bliss. Everything dissolves into the intoxicating joy. Shakti and shiva supercede emotions and circumstances. The bliss and silence are indestructible. The intoxicating joy become endless.

To be honest. I like shakti and shiva supercede emotions and circumstances. Since it says it all in one sentence. But thats just my opinion
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